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How To Save Money On Auto Insurance

How to save money on auto insurance. First of all, most insurers grade potential customers on a specific scale. The rules all center around where you live and how credit worthy are you? For example the list below shows some of the grading factors.

Ways to save Money on auto insurance
1. Raise your credit score.
For instance, the Higher your FICO score the cheaper your rate.

2. Become a safe driver.
Furthermore, download the various smart drive app. Such as, drive wise and snap shot.

3. In addition, do not open a comprehensive or collision claim if,
a. the claim is less than $1,000.

auto insurance save money

b. a single car accident less than $2,000 in damages.

4. Do not over insure your vintage vehicle.
Above all, research your car value with KBB value. Consider this, if your car's value is only $3,000 and it is deemed a total loss it is possible that full coverage will cost you more than the worth/value of the vehicle.

5. Take advantage of auto insurance carrier discounts.
Therefore, paperless billing and EFT could possibly yield discounts as much as 15%.

6. Opt to get higher limits for best savings.
Similarly, in some cases higher is not really cheaper. Especially, if the price difference does not warrant the savings.

7. Consequently, bundle and save home, umbrella, or motorcycle insurance with your auto insurance.

8. loyalty has its rewards.
Moreover, Progressive Insurance offer loyalty rewards; like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.




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