May 19, 2018

Auto Insurance

If you need an auto insurance policy, contact Capital Insurance Agency of Raleigh, LLC. We help residents of Raleigh, NC, to find affordable auto insurance that fits their needs. We also offer consultations and workshops to people who want to learn more about finding insurance that is right for them. To learn more, reach out to us today.


We know that the cost of insurance can sometimes be daunting, which is why we offer many discounts to our clients. By bundling your insurance policies, keeping your driving record clean, and opting for paperless billing, you can lower the monthly cost of your insurance. We also offer discounts for students with high grades and people with multiple vehicles.


Everyone has a different lifestyle and has different priorities when it comes to insurance. Our insurance agents will work with you to find an auto insurance policy that will cover everything you need while fitting within your budget. We will advise you on how high of a deductible you should get and help you take advantage of discounts to lower your monthly bills.

Customer Care

We care deeply about our customers and want to help them get the coverage they need. We have great rates for those with great credit scores as well as for those whose credit score may not be as high. Our experienced team can also help you fill out the documents you need to drive legally in North Carolina. To learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call today and we will give you a free quote.

For more information on getting auto insurance coverage, call us at 984-239-5522. We offer free quotes and consultations to new customers, and we help them get the customized, affordable insurance that they need to succeed in their lives.


Car insurance that comes with lots of discounts which means lots of savings for you!


Pay in full

Moreover, pay your 6 month premium in full and see instant discount from 5 to 20% off your auto insurance premiums.

Continuous Insurance

Get 15% savings for having existing auto insurance. Maintaining your current insurance helps your budget bottom line.


Most noteworthy, the best way to maintain great discounts is to maintain your high credit score. Similarly, your credit score impacts your premium just as much as your driving history.

We specializing in finding you the right auto insurance to fit your life style and budget. Free quotes for everyone. Certainly, we can get you the auto insurance documentation you need to keep you driving legally in NC. Documents such as, DL-123, FS-1, FS-4, SR22, and non-owners operators policies are essential in getting your driver's license.

We have resources for those that have experienced a DUI's



Of Course, Liability insurance covers you while you drive your car. If you are in an accident your liability insurance will pay for the other parties damages and injuries.


Also, the state minimum for auto liability insurance coverage in North Carolina starts at $30/$60/$25. Therefore, this means $30,000 per person in the accident, $60,000 total per accident for bodily injury, and $25,000 total for property damage for the accident.


First of all, if your car is being financed by a financial institution; a bank you will need to get physical damage (PD) insurance also known as full coverage insurance for your vehicle. However, physical damage insurance includes collision and other than collision, also known as comprehensive coverage. As a result, when full coverage insurance is purchased you will need to decide how much of a deductible you will need. For example, deductibles run as low as $0 per accident to as much as $1,000 per accident. Wherefore, lowering your deductible could possibly result in a higher auto insurance premium; and higher deductibles lower your auto insurance premium.



In addition, we helping you determine what deductibles you should choose. Whereas, our goal is to save you as much money as possible. Therefore, keep in mind that industry standard is $500 deductible. Another thing, are the requirements your finance company may have regarding deductibles. Oftentimes, the bank have preset limits for your deductible and may not allow you to choose a higher limit.





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